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The St James's and Whitehall Court Estate Agents


St James's has Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park and Buckingham Palace at each corner with the magnificent Whitehall Court sitting at its heel on the Embankment.


St James’s is quintessentially the finest of British, characterised by: Royal Parks; genteel streets dedicated to British tailors and hand crafted shoes; original masterpieces and modern art in some of Europe's leading galleries and auction houses; fine fare from the grocers to the Queen, Fortnum & Mason; a splash of glamour at The Ritz; Clubs such as The Athaneum, Whites and Boodles. These are all defined by one thing: a commitment to the very best of British.


Named after the royal St James's palace, the area stands at the right hand of royalty, and has provided luxury goods and services since the 1600s.


Today, it is characterised by the beautiful shop fronts on Jermyn Street and Sir Christopher Wren's church on Piccadilly; the square, the gentlemen's clubs, the galleries; the Duke of York column and steps leading down to the ICA and St James's Park, which is still admirably guarded by its pelicans - long-treasured gifts from a Russian ambassador in 1664.


Full of old-school charm, and ideally placed for access to so many key areas of London, St. James represents an exceptional place to live. In the heart of the capital, you're connected to the greatest business infrastructure and travel systems in the country. In addition, housing prices in central London offer some of the best investment opportunities in the country at the moment, so there has rarely been a better time to buy.

The definition of refinement

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St James's has remained the home-of-choice for British manufacturers bringing their wares to an international audience. Shoe and bootmakers are particularly worthy of note and regarded as the best in the world, with ready-to- wear lines to made-to-measure services.


In keeping with tradition, the food offering within St James's is exceptional, and home to numerous gastronomic treats, including London's oldest wine and spirit merchant who resides opposite the palace, and a cheesemonger who has been trading from Jermyn Street since 1797. Even groceries are exquisitely prepared and packaged in St James's, keeping the Queen's pantry dutifully, beautifully stocked. Diverse and wide ranging, St James's shopping is stitched together by its distinctive commitment to high quality goods and impeccable personal service.

The home of quality


The St James’s Market scheme will see a brand new 10,000 sq ft pedestrian square, which will boast world-class business, restaurants and retail. Improvements to the lower end of Regent Street and Picadilly all add to its appeal.


David Harvey, Director of Horne & Harvey: “A number of landmark developments in the pipeline for St James’s are attracting new buyers and renters to the area.”


St James’s has always been the definition of refinement, but there’s never been a better time to invest in property in the area.

The bright future of property in St James’s

Why St. James's, London?

If you're considering different areas of Central London for investing in property or you are trying to find a suitable area to rent, here is more information about St. James's and the surrounding areas of Central London to help you.


If you're keen to find out more and it is convenient to pop into our shop, come along and we can point out some of the local landmarks to you on the way to view properties you may be interested in.


A Jewel in The Crown - Whitehall Court

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St James's London

St James’s is about to experience a renaissance.


“Here comes the bridesmaid! It was once said St James’s was the bridesmaid to Mayfair’s glamorous bride. But now, with the Crown Estate pouring £500 Million into the area, it is finally stepping out of its neighbour’s shadow – and so are its spectacular properties”


– The Mayfair Times, July 2014.

St James's London 8

St James's knits together the best of old and new, with flagship stores next to family-run shops now in their ninth generation. Traditionally known for its shirtmakers, luxury perfumers and grooming, St James's is synonymous with fine crafted tailoring and gentlemanly upkeep. Its remarkable sartorial heritage has long been an inspiration to fashion, with its dedication to high quality materials and British craftsmanship.


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Horne & Harvey are the only Estate Agency based in St James's, with our shop on St James's Street. This makes us ideally situated to keep a record of daily life in St James's. To get a good idea of what the lifestyle in St James's is like visit us on Instagram.

James Bond

The savoir-faire of St James's is personified by James Bond. St James's was a favourite haunt of Bond's creator Ian Fleming, who used to be found in nearby Duke's Hotel and his club was Boodles.

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Whitehall Court sits on the Embankment of the River Thames, just south of St.James's. This beautifully distinctive building with fairy-tale towers and spires forms part of the famous view from the bridge in St. James's Park looking towards Horse Guards Parade.


Whitehall Court houses The National Liberal Club and this end of the building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse. The larger part of the building (including the Royal Horseguards Hotel) was designed by Archer & Green in the mid 1880s. Here you will find the Farmers Club and 120 residential apartments.


Well-known residents have included George Bernard Shaw, Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, H. G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, William Gladstone and Alec Douglas-Home.


If you'd be interested in joining this illustrious group and becoming a Whitehall Court Resident yourself contact us. We would be happy to give you a tour of this historic building.

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